Thousands of Compass indicators have been taken by business people from all over the world, working in both large and small enterprises. Hear some of their comments and reactions:

“Think Feel Know allows us to engage our prospective client in a way that they can relate to and allows them to better understand our offer. Think Feel Know has improved the way we sell.” Shai Ishaq, People & Culture Business Partner, LJ Hooker

“I would recommend Think Feel Know to any company that wants a fast and simple way to first understand and then improve communication across the business.” Sara Daw, CEO, The FD Centre

“The Pace indicator provided real insight into my natural pace as well as having a better understanding of those around me. I now feel like I have control.” Spencer Lawrence, MD, Paramount Properties

“I now have the knowledge, know-how and tools to manage my team more effectively ensuring that I have time for everything that I value most.” John Ellis, Director, Choice Solutions

“ELM helped us understand why we’d been so successful as a team in some aspects – but were lacking in others! The findings instantly improved our team communications and is helping us shape our recruitment strategy.” Phil Taylor-Guck, CEO, PGF Group

“The Risk indicator was truly eye opening. It revealed how each of us makes decisions and enabled us to address some underlying frustrations in our team.” Kathy Ryan, CEO, RoseRyan

“Now I know my Risk profile and my team’s Risk profile, I know we have the right team to implement our strategic plan. I think it’s an incredibly powerful exercise to do.” Belinda Vesey-Brown, Managing Director, Brio Group

“The results from ELM were spot on and I would recommend to anyone who wants to build an effective team” Simon Goldhill, CEO, Metamorph Law

The indicators do this by describing your fundamental behaviours in a management/business context. By mapping and understanding where you are now, you can use the tools to help you navigate your future path.