Complete FAQ

What is the Compass 4-PACK?

It is a package of the four indicators – TFK, Risk, Pace, ELM – designed to give you a complete picture of your behavioural preferences.

What will it give me?

You will receive a customised report for each indicator, detailing each of your indicator results and how to use your results to improve your business performance. In addition, you will receive all of the videos and articles outlining how to get the most out of your results.

What’s involved?

When you purchase the Compass 4-Pack you will receive credits in your account for you to take each of the four indicators. Each indicator has c30 questions and can be completed in 10-15 minutes.

How do I use the results?

The reports, videos and articles for each indicator will show you your natural business behaviours and give you insights into why you make the choices you do at this stage of your business journey - and help you understand how you might need to change your behaviours as you progress to the next stage of your journey.

How often should I take it?

We recommend re-taking the indicators whenever your business circumstances change. This could mean a new role, a change of business direction, a new team member etc. Typically we suggest our clients take the indicators at least once per year.