What is the ELM indicator?

The ELM indicator is designed to help business people gain a greater understanding of how their attitudes and aptitudes support them in their current role and influence the choices they make in response to business issues and people they interact with. ELM helps you understand your role in the organisation.

What will it give me?

It will

  • help you understand why some projects deliver with very little resistance and why others meet huge blockages and push-back from across the organisation.
  • help you learn more about your affinity or lack of affinity with your working role and support your career/personal development.
  • provide you with an insight into the spread of capability sitting in an organisation.

What’s involved?

The ELM indicator is an online tool that calculates your personal behavioural preferences based on 30 multiple-choice questions. You receive a 10 page report outlining your results together with a series of videos and articles showing you how you can use your result to improve performance in different areas of business. The indicator takes c10 minutes to complete.

When you look at your results, you will see it is one of nine possible types. It has three main aspects

  • You as an individual, and your strongest preferences
  • How you relate to and communicate with others in the organisation
  • How time horizons affect you

How do I use the results?

Knowing your personal preferences will help you see how well suited you are to your current & future role aspirations.

For a team, it will help show you where the gaps are in capability that you need to fill in order to achieve your business goals.

For an organisation, it will help you understand the people map of your business and support project planning and implementation.

How often should I take it?

We recommend re-taking the ELM indicator whenever your business circumstances change. This could mean a new role, a change of business direction, a new team member etc. Typically we suggest our clients take the ELM indicator at least once per year.