What is the Pace indicator?

Pace is the key to unlocking performance and to have the energy to deliver your ambitions. It is designed to help you identify your own most productive and effective way of living and working. Understanding how you are operating today across different contexts, relative to your Natural Pace enables you to see how to improve your overall sustainability and performance.

What will it give me?

A Comprehensive Pace report that highlights both your Natural Pace and your Current Pace across four key contexts; Work; Fitness; Leisure and Nutrition, together with a series of videos and articles showing you how you can use your result to improve performance in different areas of business. The indicator takes c15 minutes to complete.

What’s involved?

The online indicator asks you a series of questions on a sliding scale when thinking about a) how you would choose to operate if you took away all perceived external pressures and b) how you are functioning today across four key areas of your life. Together these impact your overall energy levels and potential to perform.

How do I use the results?

It helps individuals, teams, and whole organisations to understand and support different approaches to work and productivity. Pace creates a personalised approach to time and energy management. It identifies those at risk of burn-out. When used in business, it enables a view of the ‘whole person’ and all areas of life that are important to performance at work. It shows you ways which we can adapt our approach to key business activities and functions and collaborate more effectively as a team. It creates a common language around energy and performance.

How often should I take it?

We recommend re-taking the Pace indicator whenever your business circumstances change. This could mean a new role, a change of business direction, a new team member etc. Typically we suggest our clients take the Pace indicator at least once per year.