What is the Risk indicator?

Different attitudes to risk can create tension and inaction in teams. Understanding risk positions helps dissolve differences for more profitable outcomes. The Risk Indicator is a tool to help you and your business make faster, more aligned strategic choices, allowing your management team to outperform the competition.

What will it give me?

Clarity on why you make the choices and decisions you do. A way to objectively measure your approach to business risk. Understanding your appetite for risk in business enables you to make better decisions.

What’s involved?

The Risk indicator is an online tool that calculates your personal appetite for Risk based on a series of questions and delivers you a personalised 14 page report together with a series of videos and articles showing you how you can use your result to improve performance in different areas of business. The indicator takes c10 minutes to complete.

An individual’s risk profile is measured on a scale of 1.0 (safe) to 10.0 (aggressive). There is no right or wrong – when opportunities knock they will be more or less appealing to you depending on where your personal Risk Profile might sit. Accurately knowing your number and those of your partners or managers brings clarity to discussions where risk is involved.

How do I use the results?

For the Individual: Makes it easy to determine personal preferences for tolerating Risk in a business situation.

For the Team: Produces a detailed report to help all members of the team explain their position and better understand each other.

For the Business: Creates the opportunity to discuss the optimum Risk position for the business overall, removing personal conflicts.

How often should I take it?

We recommend re-taking the risk indicator whenever your business circumstances change. This could mean a new role, a change of business direction, a new team etc. Typically we suggest our clients take the Risk indicator at least once per year.